Below is my final selection of images to go into my project and the order I will display them:


Here are a collection of some of the edited photos I have selected for possible use in my project:

Finally managed to get all the images I need for my project! I’m a little annoyed I’ve left it so late but other work got in the way.. Anyway, here are some of the unedited images I have taken. I will upload edits later:

Here are those panoramas I took during my last shoot. I’m pretty pleased with the way they have turned out so hopefully I’ll be able to use one of them in my final project:

Today I went into Brighton with the aim to capture all the images I will need for my final project. Unfortunately the shoot wasn’t as successful as I hoped but I did managed to get some panoramas I am quite please with that I will upload in a later post once they are edited. For now, here are some of the other images I took (unedited):

Today I went into Brighton with an idea to take some photographs for my project based around Brighton’s Pier. Me and my friend both got up at 6.30am in order to try and capture the sunrise but¬†unfortunately the sky was overcast so we didn’t get much of a glimpse of the sun. I also didn’t manage to get many photographs I feel would work well in my project but below are some of the images (unedited) I took:

Here is another project that caught my eye: